Welcome to OneDotSix

The team decided to relaunch the updates cycle of this plugin.

For the occasion, CSS addons for WordPress becomes CSS custom Addons. The goal is to make the plugin more “findable” in the directory.

But visibility is not enough, we took care about the small stuffs which were not giving the expected experience. Here are the news.

Killer features

Restrict add-ons to a theme

Very useful on a multi site instance, super admin can set Add-ons for specific themes. Blog administrators just have appropriate Add-ons, which is quite smarter.


User Interface

Larger editor in customizer, much more convenient to type code.

Pretty manager UI, no more lag, updated extract, obvious action buttons.


Added libraries

From now, only bootstrap was proposed, admins can now load these common popular frameworks:

Fixed bugs

These ones were not blocking, but we are really happy to solve them.

  • Required double saving for custom CSS
  • Preview not updated in manager
  • Force correction for add-ons slug

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